We are the leading provider of modified fiber glass products in the Middle East.

We have our own quality system to implement. Quality Control / assurance for each project and also we nominate third party to carry out inspection other than client's inspection.


About Us

Fibre Plus Industries LLC is a premier engineering factory specialized in the design, production, supply, installation and maintenance of all GRP and GRC applications. Headquartered in Umm Al Quwain and operating with its marketing division in Dubai, Fibre Plus Industries LLC meets the growing needs of the region providing complete fiber glass solutions to the constructional industries.

With the aim of meeting the ever-increasing demands of the construction industry, Fibre Plus Industries LLC is equipped with sophisticated technology and products, workforce and systems enabling to witness spectacular growth ever since its inception.

Fibre Plus Industries LLC now comprises of divisions under its activities, providing the best international service, and a balanced blend of the traditional and the innovative lead to true client value and benefit the communities and environment at large.

Fibre Plus Industries LLC is facilitated to take up any projects, private or public sector- small or mammoth, packed with a team of highly experienced professionals who are capable to deliver utmost perfection and quality service to our clients.

We assure you to deliver total solutions to your requirements.

Varghese Parokkaran


To be a leading provider of fiber glass solutions in the region, providing best fit solutions to mutually benefit and to sustain productivity and growth.


To provide excellence in fiber glass services by constantly meeting the clients' requirements of time, cost and quality, while maintaining an eco friendly environment, through continuous product and process innovation, improvement and training.


We embrace and foster leadership in every aspect of our business, from innovation and learning, to management and customer satisfaction, to employee and skills development. Fibre Plus's ability to create space to leadership to grow in today's marketplace is perhaps its greatest strategic advantage.


We realize that standards of Health & Safety and Environment are integral elements of efficient business management objectives and contribute to the operational efficiency and overall company profitability.


We recognize that our people are the foundation of our business. We are dedicated to providing an environment that attracts, motivates, and develop individuals and encourage cooperative efforts at every level and across all activities in the company. We create and implement a succession/career progression planning program that clearly articulates corporate expectations and charts a course for employee development.


A team of professionals qualified for the job having experience for more than ten years leads the company.

The success and wide acceptance of our organization has been mainly due to the dedicated team of personnel committed in translating the company's philosophy that perfection is our motto.

All our workers are trained on the safety norms and procedures that are required will be followed in any project
Our assets are not defined by the machinery that we posses but by our satisfied employes and the clients we have.
Our partnership with our clients has made us a united and cohesive team where we are able to deliver the products on time.

The quality management system and procedures that are maintained and implemented is highly appreciated by our clients. We are gearing ourselves to have the ISO certification at the earliest.
Project Managers and Project Engineers ensure that all jobs are carried out as per specification and confirm to industry standards.
This section describes the quality control and inspection procedures related to our lamination and other activities at our own site and other construction projects.
We have our own quality system to implement. Quality Control / assurance for each project and also we nominate third party to carry out inspection other than client's inspection.


Raw materials control

Material receiving

All incoming material shall be checked for conformity by the storekeeper All incoming material shall be checked for conformance with the purchase order and as per projection specification Material test certificate of the grade shall be checked by the store keeper All incoming material shall be entered in the stock register In case of customer supplied material a customer proper property register has to be maintained Any client –supplied materials shall be stored separately from general stock Copy of material certification and test certification shall be forwarded to the quality controller for review and approval. (on request)

Materials which do not confirm to the requirements will be identified by red tags. The tags will carry the identification and reason for non-conformance and will be moved to a "hold area" A non- conformance report will prepared with all details. It will be signed by our quality controller

Testing procedures

Quality controller will prepare written procedures in accordance with project specification and codes, which will be reviewed and approved by the client.


General safety rules

All employees and visitors are required to comply with the following Obey all warning signs
Take care that during the performance of their jobs they should not endanger themselves or other who may be affected by their action
Use the correct tools provide for the task
Keep their own work areas clean and free from instructions
Do not engage in practical jokes or horseplay do not encourage others to take risks do not touch or use and piece of equipment for which they have not trained immediately notify the supervisor or other competent person of any observed hazard or unsafe practice